Thursday, 14 July 2011

Geek Stalker

Hi guys, been soo lazy at blogging recently ... eek!!

For all the geeks out there, Who attended the London Film and Comic Convention this weekend?  I did :)

For anyone who's never heard of it before, it's a big convention in Earls Court where you can take pictures/ get autographs with actors, artists,  There's free questions and answers talks, cosplay competitions, loads of stands with comics, books and action figures as well as soo much more.

I was pretty excited when i heard Robert Knepper (T BAG from Prison Break ) was going to be there but then i was even more excited when i heard my childhood crush COREY FELDMAN was there OMG *DIES*

Unfortunately i didn't get a picture with anyone or an autograph (they're about £20 each for bigger stars and £15 for smaller ones)
I just feel a bit awkward and wouldn't know what to say hahah, i'm such a weirdo

There were a few Harry Potter actors there, Seamus Finnegan (Devon Murray) is soo much smaller in real life, i didn't pick up on that in the films at all.

I didn't buy anything because sometimes things are a little more expensive at these conventions but i did see this Harry Potter Film Wizardry book that looked amazing, i checked online and it was cheaper so bought there instead, i'll do a separate post.
The London Film and Comic Convention is every year in July but they do host other similar events around the year.

For anyone who's in London in a couple of weeks and loves all things Japanese check out Hyper Japan
I've never been before but looks pretty cool, can't wait to get my fix of Sushi
You can check out the website here


  1. sounds really cool. i can only recognise the guy from prison break lol :P.
    I don''t think i would have know what to say to them either lol.. i think autographs and pictures should have been free though..

  2. Ohh it looks like such fun! <3 And what a beautiful space it was set in!

    Lost in the Haze

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  4. following you! please follow me? also, found you through your award, congrats! xx

  5. Omg! u saw T bag!! *screams* I love R.Knepper so much, I think he's a fabulous actor, very very versatile :) I dont believe in paying for autographs, seems quite silly to me..
    please visit my blog sometime, follow if you like, i'll always follow you back :)