Monday, 22 August 2011

First MAC product

Right up until a few months ago i never really bothered with beauty products, not sure what changed, maybe it's when i started reading blogs 

Anyway for my bf's sisters wedding i decided to splash out on Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz - what a mouthful!

The first thing that drew me to it was how pretty it looks, the colours are stunning.

Pink, Middle, Combined

Unfortunately my camera doesn't capture the colours correctly, but i do really love it, i used the pink area as a blush and the middle as eyeshadow.
I do remember having to apply more during the evening, but as this was after a few drinks for all i know i didn't need the top up and came out looking like a clown for the rest of the evening :O

I have my eye on Illamasqua Gleam Cream and the Matte Primer, Has anyone used either of these before?
They are on ASOS for a few £££ cheaper and they are currently running a 20% off code on sale items, EXTRA20 for those who want it!


  1. i have a review of this on my blog.
    it's so lovely, good choice ;)

  2. Oh wow. The colour looks pretty amazing! MAC always do great products.
    Hehe, I'm sure you looked great all evening.

  3. Claire- I saw your review, i love it!

    Sherin- The colour is gorgeous, has such a nice subtle glow to it :)