Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stocking up for the Apocalypse ...

...With junk and magazines

I live in Edmonton, North London, so i'm stuck in the middle of all these riots when they began.  I haven't left the house since Saturday but really need to post some Ebay stuff so ventured out into Wood Green,
So many shops were boarded up after being smashed, it's so disgusting.. anyway i digress...

Magazine freebies are the best, i'm such a sucker for anything that's free, except maybe that random tissues pack that came in my ASOS order today!

I haven't bought Marie Claire before but they are giving a free Ciate Paint pot nail varnish in either nude or purple, i chose the purple shade, it's called Wait Until Dark, looks lovely and has a gold shimmer to it, i also got a Dove conditioner

With Cosmopolitan this month you get free Eylure false lashes, not sure when i'll get round to using these as i can't stick on lashes to save my life eek!! maybe i'm using the wrong glue? or maybe i'm just plain crap ha!

I hope anyone caught up in the riots is ok.
Stay safe guys and hopefully this will be all over soon



  1. I have tips on applying false eyelashes if you happen to be interested?! xx

  2. Keep safe, I was considering getting the Marie Claire for the purple nail varnish but they only had the grey in the store near me - somewhat gutted! x

  3. i was so disappointed when i heard about the riots in london. we had riots a couple months ago in vancouver and our city was a disaster!

  4. That is so sad about the riots that are going on:(

    I love reading magazines while eating junk food =D
    http://thelittlepetite.blogspot.com/I'm a new follower!

  5. Marie Claire is one of my favourite magazines. Love Galaxy chocolate also. So addictive!xx


  6. Sophie Louise: That would be amazing :) i suck so bad ha xx

    Pernille: Thank you :) xx

    Rachael: When i went to buy it they had 1 purple and all the rest were nude so decided to snap up that one :) xx

    Alma: It's so awful when something like this happens :( xx

    Little Petite: Magazines and junk is my fav thing to do ;)

    Alina Anghel: My first time reading Marie Claire and i actually really love it :) xx

  7. The riots are so awful :( Hope you're okay now.

    I got the same Marie Claire yesterday, I'm a sucker for magazine freebies - especially if it's nail polish!

  8. It's terrible isnt it :( Glad you're all stocked up, hope you stayed safe! x

  9. I love magazine freebies too and actually, I love the free Asos things..even if they are just washing up powder haha. Really sad about the riots, so glad it has all stopped now. I visited Birmingham yesterday and it's so surreal seeing boarded up shops but also glad to see that some places were very quickly back on their feet!