Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Birthday blues and bright nails

So today's my birthday, and I'm stuck in bed. I had a big fat Nandos meal on the weekend and whilst chomping on my halloumi and mushroom wrap i managed to chomp ON my gum too, funnily enough it didn't even hurt on Saturday nor on Sunday but Monday Tuesday and Wednesday it has killed me, err die ulcer DIEEEE!!!

So to cheer me up i decided to paint my nails the brightest colour i can find, honestly the colour isn't captured it doesn't even look the same on camera but its damn fluorescent in real life and i love it, kinda reminded me of the Bora Bora episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kim was wearing bright pink nails

The colour is called Bubblegum which i got from the Models Own 50% off sale, i have to say this was my first order and I'm not too impressed at all, i had ordered some brushes as well but one hadn't been sent so i emailed and they said they would replace it, a week later and nothing, i emailed again and they said they would resend it and today i got the wrong brush ahhhhhh!! also if you notice the Turquoise colour has separated!  Not only that but the brush they didn't send i had ordered 2 of and received the one and it was faulty and kept getting stuck anyway. I give up

The colours i ordered were Pastel Pink, Top Turquoise, Bubblegum, Cherry Pie
I only wish i had ordered Bubblegum at the start of summer, can't wait till next summer now :)

So for the rest of my depressing birthday I'm waiting for my bf to finish work and we'll go for some Chinese and then celebrate my birthday properly next week.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Shame you're not well on your birthday. Feel better soon xx

  2. YES! Painting my nails bright always makes me feel good.