Tuesday, 24 May 2011

About Me

What is the best decision you ever made?
Not continuing Special Effects
The one thing I most regret not doing is
Nothing, i always learn

What would you consider to be your dream job?
Making Prosthetics for Movies

I wish I was more assertive when it comes to
Following my dreams

The top three things I like abut myself are

My eyes, my thoughtfulness and :s 

An area of my life that I am still working on is
growing up 

The best vacation I ever took was to

Who was with you on that vacation?

If you could go to any restaurant right now where would you go?
Uhmm TGI, Bubba Gumps or Cheesecake Factory, can u tell i love food ;P

What would you order?

Do you know what country/countries your ancestors came from?
Loads of places

Would you rather live in a rural area, small town, or big city?
By the coast

How far do you live fom the town you grew up in?
about 30 minutes

What circumstances led you to live where you are now?

Plain old moving house

If you could get in the car right now with 3 days off, where would you go?

If you could go back and spend the day with one person from your past who would you choose?
My grandpa <3

What do you think is the greatest invention ever?
Make up 

What do you think was the most life changing moment in history?
WW1&2 9/11 and any Natural Disaster or any war for that matter

Whose life do you think you have had the biggest impact on?
my own

What are the top three things you hope to do before you die?

Travel the world, Conquer my fear of heights, Be content and happy and grow old gracefully

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  1. You're so true to yourself hun. :) I love your blog! +followed. Follow back? ^^,