Monday, 23 May 2011

Mini superdrug/primark haul

To tide me in slowly to this blogging malarkey - wow i think that's the first time I've used the word malarkey, ugly word! Anyway I had to take a trip to the post office today and stopped by Primark and Superdrug for a few bits.

First up, Primark; Funnily enough i bought 3 things from here today and they're all mens stuff, i guess i'm a man at heart or something

 Basically i'm a massive Disney fan, even more so last year when i went to Disney World, yehhh!! My BF bought this t shirt the other day and i decided to be a copycat mwahahaha only £6 as well, they had a Gremlins one which i wanted but i decided not to get, I've realised all my home clothes i.e comfy clothes i wear around the house are really scraggy and gross now so need to invest in a few track pants and the like.

How geeky are the socks hehe saw them for £1 each and couldn't resisted i forgot to take a picture of the bottom of the Turtle ones but they say 'Heroes in a half shell'

In Superdrug all i bought was shampoo, Head and Shoulders is really the only thing that works on the frizzy hair, I love the new formula which they brought out last year i think, Leaves my hair alot softer, Oh and Superdrug are currently doing x2 Head and Shoulders at £5.99 compared to £4something each!
The smaller bottle is Superdrugs Colour Radiance Intensive Conditioner for Brunettes. It was 20p and my hair is black! But what ever! ha

Superdrug are now also doing a points scheme like Boots and the card doubles up as a mirror! pretty cool,

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  1. Oh my god - so jealous of your duvet cover!! I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty haha! :) x