Friday, 24 June 2011

NOTD 3 and Topshop Sale

Found this setting on my Netbooks webcam software, i've actually had this over a year and never knew it existed ha
Anyway these are my nails
It's Models Own in Emerald City, I'm off to see the Wizard of OZ at the theatre tomorrow :)

Today i ventured to Oxford Street to see if there was anything good in the various sales
Topshop had so much jewellery and out of the ones I got some were even better than half price

I got the above shoes at my local store for £10, i was hoping the pink ones would be in Oxford St but nothing :( i didn't even see any ballet pumps on sale

Afterwards i got some sushi at the Japan Centre. YUM!! Though since i last went they moved the bakery stuff from the front of the store and my feet hurt so i didn't bother to look for my favourite custard filled pancake.  I'm glad my bf doesn't know i have a blog otherwise he would kill me for having sushi without him... mwahahahah

What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. That nail polish is gorgeous!!! I love the colour!! Bring on the weekend! :) x x

  2. Wow the colour is amazing!
    And the sushi makes me hungry ;-)
    x :)

  3. You picked up some really nice things in the sale!

    I'm going down to London next week - can't wait!

    I've only ever bought stuff from the supermarket part of the Japan centre - will definitely need to visit again and have sushi - yummy! :)

    Clare x

  4. PS. Love the colour of the nail polish! :)

  5. Topshop sale! Nice. And mmm sushi.

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  6. pretty nails and lovely buys :).

    Helen, X