Thursday, 30 June 2011

Boudoir Prive the new GlossyBox?

After this months so called disaster Glossybox, there's a new kid in town!

It's called Boudoir Prive, at £10 a month you get 6 samples unlike Glossyboxes 5!
Now i registered to late to get the June GlossyBox i don't think i would have been too disappointed with the items, except for the batiste stuff, what i DID find disappointing was an email saying that after August the GlossyBoxes will be £12.95, funny how they never mentioned that delivery was free for 4 months till now!

You can sign up to Boudoir Prive HERE to be in with a chance of getting the first box 


  1. The packaging is so pretty! Will have to check it out! (:

  2. Hi Merlins_wand! Hi Linda! This is Veronica Cudjoe from Boudoir Prive. Cute blog post! I would just say that we are very different from GlossyBox. Boudoir Prive is about discovery. We are an online community of beauty enthusiasts with a taste for high-end beauty. The brands we work with are exclusively high-end. Not necessarily the most famous. Some you may know, others not. All have been picked by our beauty experts for having the best quality.

  3. Hi Tara, thanks for your comment on my post about River Island, you mentioned you got your first order for them recently so I'll be nosy and ask what you bought?

    I've read lots about Glossybox through blog posts but nothing about Boudoir Prive so thanks for letting us know -x-

  4. @ Veronica- Thank you for clarifying, it's nice to know how much thought has gone into the products chosen

    @ Cassiepeia- I bought the cream lace bow dress, I just realised I actually used my Asos groupon voucher a couple months ago on the coral 3d rose bikini, apart from that I never owned anything from them at all. Really love the style of some of their dresses.